Friday, October 31, 2014

A Blanket Fort a Month: October '14

We made October's blanket-fort-a-month yesterday on Halloween Eve. The inside is quite small--a cozy kind of small. We pinched a bit of the sheet on both sides and hung it away from the side of the bed to create a little more space, but it's still barely enough to sit up inside, let alone sit up tall, yet it doesn't make either of us claustrophobic being inside. The tininess does make us think of claustrophobia, though, and seeing as fear is part of Halloween, I think we did a good job with this month's fort.

If you're looking for more blanket fort inspiration, check out our past blanket forts, or head on over to our Etsy shop to have a look at "A Guide to Building and Festooning Blanket Forts." And as always, tell us if you make any blanket forts and please oh please send pictures!

Happy Halloween 2014

We were just trying to watch the sunset and wait for the stars to come out, and then the bats came out instead. I think these must have been the fault of Silkworm's magic--a leak that lead to a fluke, or something--because they don't look like bats in the photograph! Didn't know Silkworm's magic would ever cause relevant flukes, though. This'll make for a nice Halloween greeting card next year. (Can you see Silkworm? It's so dark, but he's standing at my feet, being poked at by two bats!)

Anyway, we've got a busy Halloween ahead. We still haven't carved our pumpkins, I've got a job interview, and we absolutely must take a bike ride around town to photograph every pumpkin we see. By tomorrow, we'll have a ton of stuff to share with you, and lots and lots of news for November, because guys, there's only 54 days until Christmas!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Lucy the Yarn Bombed Bike

It's been a long time in the making, but finally we're here to show you the bike I got for my birthday, now delightfully covered in crocheted swatches (and someday, flowers and pom poms). This is the project we were working on in June's blanket fort and all the ones since. We used 100% cotton Sugar & Cream yarns, hoping we'd be able to ride in all weather just in case we ever get caught in the rain.

I don't know, a bike named Lucy just seemed to demand clothing.

I suppose we'll have to cut it all off someday when it gets terribly dirty or moldy, but then we'll only get to replace it with a new outfit. Besides, the faster it gets dirty, the more proof there is of recent adventure.

Here's to many adventures on my bike, making people smile and gawk. Silkworm and I are thinking of crocheting small swatches from cheap yarn to keep in a basket on the bike so we can hand them out to people who have really nice compliments or seem very interested.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Mission of Magic: Paint Chip Scavenger Hunt

It worked!

Silkworm and I left a ring of paint chips at our favorite park, yesterday morning, and invited people to go on paint chip scavenger hunts with them like we did earlier. Delightfully, when we went back to get them before sundown, we found PARTICIPATION!

The only thing that took away from the perfection of this Mission was our forgetfulness. It keeps slipping our minds to leave hashtags for people to use on social media to share their findings. We want our Missions of Magic to be a collective happiness for everyone who participates to enjoy, not just for our own satisfaction. We'll have to go back and leave a note where the paint chips where once hanging to say thank you to whoever participated this time, and promise better communication next time.

I love to think a little kid wrote down some of these answers, especially the one about the sky through the trees, but we'll never know for sure. That's part of the magic in our Missions, though--never knowing what happened and getting to wonder about it and create our own stories. I think it's my favorite part, actually. We create an unknown when we go on our Missions of Magic, and that's a very cool thing to be responsible for.

Fact: this was the easiest, cheapest Mission we've done so far. We're definitely gonna do it again and again and again and again...

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Paint Chip Scavenger Hunt

When Silkworm and I came back from Walmart with a bunch of paint chip samples, we didn't initially intend to write the paint chip poetry we posted about last month. Actually, we planned to go on a scavenger hunt, so this time when we picked up more paint chips, we turned our scavenger hunt idea into a spooktacular Halloween event.

There is nothing inherently creepy about the other colors of Halloween, to me. Purple doesn't speak "evil", nor does orange speak "ghosts and ghouls". Black, on the other hand, speaks ominous whispery volumes of macabre. So Silkworm and I agreed to collect "Cracked Pepper" black things for our day-long Halloween paint chip scavenger hunt.

Visit a Home Depot, or a Walmart, or anywhere that sells paint and lets you take free paint chip samples. Choose one and take it home. Spend the rest of your day searching for objects that match that color. You don't have to collect whatever you find, just find it. Take pictures if you'd like, but it's not necessary. It's your own personal scavenger hunt; you don't need to prove to anybody that you really found 22 "Cracked Pepper" black objects.

"Cracked Pepper" Things We Found
- An inflatable spider
- A crow
- A baby black squirrel
- Lots of mailboxes
- The flag at the fire department
- Too many cars to count

Silkworm and I also took this project to our favorite park, where most of our Missions of Magic go down these days (like our Snap and Scurry project and the time we hung origami dragons in the trees). We left a ring of paint chips hooked onto the sign at the front of the main path, inviting people to take them with them on their hike and write down anything that matched the color they chose. We'll write about that tomorrow morning after we pick up the chips from the park later today!

If you go on a paint chip scavenger hunt and you wanna share your findings, use the hashtag #paintchiphunt on social media. We wanna see! And of course, let us know if you're going on a paint chip scavenger hunt in the comments!
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