Friday, August 22, 2014

3 Ways to Get To-Do Lists Done

As of late, my and Silkworm's to-do list has been growing like a weed. We once had an excuse for letting it get out of control, because I wasn't able to get myself to the store to buy certain craft supplies immediately or I couldn't get us to the park for a photo shoot, so we'd have to write it down somewhere and hope to get to it another day, but now that I have my driver's license--well, now we're just being lazy gardeners. The thing is getting so big, we're afraid to tackle it! It's as if it's grown thorns and armor or something; it's literally that intimidating. But at this point, if we don't do something about it soon, it's probably going to turn into a Venus flytrap and eat us alive. I wouldn't be surprised.

So we came up with a few ideas.

(NOTE: Methods #1 and #3 aren't gonna work so well if you have deadlines on your to-do list, but they're still wonderful methods for "unnecessary" (for lack of a better word) to-do lists, like things you want to make or do rather than essays you have to write or tests you have to study for.)

1. Break your list down into index cards.
When the most intimidating factor is not knowing where to start, break your massive to-do list down into index cards and pin them to a wall with the blank side facing out. Each morning, choose one with your eyes closed and let it become that day's assignment. A tiny to-do list looks a lot more reasonable than that mile-long scroll!

2. Make a schedule.
Write out your day and dedicate every hour to a task, with breaks included. Some people say this method is more stressful and binding because it's so specific, but try to think of it as a guideline. A piece of paper with words on it has no power over you; it's just an idea, and if you come up with something better, by all means, defy the schedule!

3. Pick tasks out of a hat.
Cut up your to-do list into little strips, fold them up, and toss them into a hat or something else you can shake 'em up in. With your eyes closed, pick one out and let it become your first assignment. When you're finished with that one, pick another--and so on. Obviously, there's nothing stopping you from re-picking if you don't like the task you end up with, but try to stick with what you get

Silkworm and I are trying the index card method first, and I'll have you know today's index card to-do list is going rather swimmingly. We're so proud to be getting things done. 5 out of the 12 check boxes are already filled with happy check marks and several weights have been lifted off our shoulders as a result.

Do you have a to-do list ten miles long and slithering around you like a hungry basilisk? Let us know if you try one of our methods to defeat it once and for all, or if you have your own method!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tagged: The Inspiration Blog Hop

So these two dandy daisies tagged Silkworm and I to participate in two different blog hop kind of things recently. RaChil from The Cwafty Blog tagged us for what was called the Tour Through Blogland, and then Mary from Uncustomary Art tagged us for what was called the Inspiration Blog Hop. As it so happens, both blog hops are essentially identical--I know, right? Something must have happened while everyone was playing Telephone! But nonetheless, we're squishing the two together, and to those I tagged at the end of this post, you are more than welcome to call this blog hop one or the other.

Alrighty, let's jump right in!

1) What are we working on?
Secrets! Too much stuff, really, but it's all top secret for the moment. However, I will say we're planning to grow the concept of "Enchantemissaries" into a community, if we can. Silkworm and I came up with the word Enchantemissary to describe ourselves and what we do when we go on our Missions of Magic, because they can't truly be classified as Random Acts of Kindness all the time. Enchantemissaries are more about filling the world with magic, and kindness is totally part of that, but we needed something else to call ourselves and anyone else who wanted to be a part of it. We plan to make kits to purchase at our new Etsy shop and set up a Tumblr blog for ideas for Missions of Magic that people will be more than welcome to submit their ideas to.

2) How does our work differ from others from its genre?
Silkworm and I are quite an interesting team: a human bean and a magical stuffed bear. I don't think most human beans own magical stuffed bears.

3) Why do we write/create what we do?
Our biggest goal is to teach people how to enjoy life. It makes us so sad to hear people saying they're bored and unhappy. We live on a planet that is supposedly the only one in the universe capable of sustaining life, with 6 billion other humans each completely different from one another, and an infinite amount of adventures to have in a finite amount of time. There's simply no time to be bored.

4) How does our writing/creating process work?
It has to start with inspiration. We try not to force ourselves to work without inspiration unless absolutely necessary, because it always bums us out and makes us feel bad about ourselves, as if we're not creative enough to come up with something interesting when really we're just not in the mood! Lucky for us, though, inspiration comes from the most commonplace things. Whenever we look closely--deeply--at something, inspiration never fails to spark. And then we work off of that!

To keep the blog hop going, we're tagging two bloggers: Erin at The Halfway Point and Michelle at Busy Weekends. Check 'em out and stay tuned at their blogs to see their responses to the blog hop!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Zauberbear is on Etsy!

We've had a shop called Fort Elsewhere on Etsy that's been sitting unopened for an embarrassing while, now. Every time we logged on to favorite a shop or something, Etsy would poke and prod us to open it. I mean, I'd love to make excuses, but I haven't got any good ones I couldn't easily void myself. Thus, Fort Elsewhere is now as open as a black hole; go on, let it suck you in!

We've got all kinds of magic for sale, in the form of walnut parcels, charm bracelets, pixie pouches, zines--and a whole lot of et cetera is planned and on it's way, involving Enchantemissaries and monthly subscription things and lots and lots of magic. I cannot tell you how excited I am! What I can tell you, though, is that the first 5 people to make a purchase will get a complimentary postcard from Silkworm and I with their package, made from a photo of ours--and each person will get a different one!

You can keep up with our Tumblr to hear more about the shop and promotions and such.

If whilst perusing, you find any questions or suggestions, we'd love you to speak up! Otherwise, hope you like it!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Every Magical Creature We Saw

The Ordinary Realm has oddly become somewhat of a summer vacation destination for magical creatures of the Magic Realm, this year. Thus, we've been collecting sightings of all kinds of them lately--minus dragons; they wouldn't be silly enough to summer in the Ordinary Realm (though you will notice a dragon in this set of photos, probably in our realm on a quest of some sort like they usually are).

Silkworm and I recently got back from a short camping trip chock full of living magic. We thought you might enjoy seeing most of the magical creatures we saw, captured on 35mm film.

(I suppose, since we expect curiosity, we should mention something important about the photos. Magic cannot be photographed. It's some kind of natural involuntary defense mechanism that causes magic and magical creatures to morph when captured in photographs. They may become paintings or stuffed animals or smudges, but whatever they become, it's always explainable.)

1. Canis shadows on a secret path

2. A dragon in the sky

3. A party of fairies at Mars

4. A vulphlame at Mars

5. An unidentified winged ungulate

I am not kidding you, the amount of magical creatures currently floating through the Ordinary Realm is unprecedented and unreal.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Plastic Animals Scavenger Hunt

We went to our favorite park again this past week, this time to hide plastic animals around for people to hunt for. I'd like to think someone found them, because Silkworm and I haven't seen them since. We meant to put hashtags for Instagram users on the backs of the tags so we could possibly see if people found and photographed them, but we forgot this time! We're trying to get in the habit of doing that for every Mission of Magic; hopefully we'll remember next time.