Saturday, November 22, 2014

How to Make Candy Wrapper Bracelets

Making the "beads"
Flatten a candy wrapper. Fold it length wise, then unfold. Fold each half in half towards the center crease. Fold both halves again. Fold both halves into each other. Fold short edges in a few millimeters short of touching. Fold the wrapper in half at the middle, making a little bird/heart shape.

Making the bracelet
Make another wrapper. Insert the second wrapper into the slits of the first wrapper, making sure the side with the neater folds is facing the first wrapper. Pull the wrapper through. Insert the next wrapper into the previous wrapper the same way. Pull it through. Continue adding more wrappers until your bracelet has reached a desirable length.

Closing the bracelet
Make another wrapper "bead" and unfold the flaps folded into each other. Insert both "legs" through the slits of the first wrapper of your bracelet. Insert both "legs" through the slits of the last wrapper of your bracelet. Re-fold the flaps you unfolded and tuck them into the slits of the first wrapper of your bracelet.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Brain Says "Maybe Like Accept Yourself Possibly I Don't Know Let's Try It"

E'scuse me, I'm gonna make this all about me for a sec 'cause Silkworm luckily isn't having an identity crisis like I am right now and I feel like it's something I need to share just in case any of you are going through the same thing. Hokey pokes, let's go.

I'm almost positive that if I was physically on Cloud 9, I'd miss everything because I'd be too concerned about what Cloud 10 is like or if perhaps, deceivingly, Cloud 8 has the fluffier dance floor.

After Hadley died this past Monday, I couldn't take anymore guilt about not doing anything good or productive while precisely nothing was stopping me. I've been holding myself back from living, lately, because I've been trying to be this impossible human bean composed of every single flawless trait hand-picked out of a sea of flawed people I adore. I've been afraid of making any sudden movements for fear they'd define me as someone I'm not trying to be--but just because I'm stifling those movements doesn't mean they're not there. Even the stifled movements are mine and they make me me whether I like it or not, and I suppose it's much easier to go about liking them than despising them.

I'm pretty neat, if I think about myself without interruption. Silkworm likes to try to reassure me constantly, but it only sounds true if I think about it myself. I can take cool pictures, I wear strange clothes from thrift shops, I can sort of play guitar and maybe write songs. I'm obnoxiously optimistic, thoroughly non-judgmental to the point of putting myself in danger now and again, and sometimes after a long day of social interaction, I get to go to bed to rest my worn-out painful smile muscles. And of course, my best friend is a magical stuffed bear. Top that.

Maybe I get nervous about making phone calls and maybe I'm a bit cowardly when it comes to adventures like visiting friends at college in New York City. Maybe I'm not all that witty or entertaining, and maybe I prefer one-way conversations because I never have a clue what to say in a two-way conversation until at least two days after it's ended. Maybe I'm just a listener and maybe I'm not such a fantastic in-person storyteller.

But those things are not wrong. They're ingredients in my formula, how could they possibly be wrong? They're simply not my favorite ingredients, and the second I start accepting I can't separate cocoa powder from raspberries once they've been mixed together is the second it's all going to get so much easier to just be.

Anyway, SW and I have a to-do list of a bunch of teeny big things to make me feel better that we're gonna get done in the next few days, and I wrote a song. (Click the video title link and read the description for the lyrics!)

Don't go measurin' stuffs you shouldn't be measurin', folks. You can call nut sailing your greatest achievement if it floats your boat.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hadley is Dead

He was cold when we found him yesterday. I don't remember if we definitely played with him the night before or just two nights ago. I hope it was the night before.

Both Hadley and his brother have suffered from mycoplasma--the most common rat disease, a respiratory infection, similar to a chronic common cold in symptoms--all their lives. Hadley always had it worse, constantly wheezing and having a few sneezing fits now and then. Nevertheless, until recently, I couldn't be convinced it was mycoplasma though, because both rats' breathing sounded fine and they were both endlessly energetic. I suspected it was just a strange rat noise or something, because they were both strange rats indeed. Nothing seemed wrong for almost two whole years--until Hadley stopped eating.

I feel terrible thinking if I'd been more worried, all it would have taken was a trip to the vet to get a check-up and some benadryl and everything would be okay. (That being said, Quibble is gonna have to go to the vet as soon as possible to make sure nothing ever goes so wrong so fast with him. He is sounding much squeakier than usual.)

I will miss being able to make squeaky kissy noises only to find a rat at my feet within seconds, curious to investigate the source of the exciting rat-like sound. I will miss him climbing up to my shoulder and patiently waiting for me to turn my head to him so he could lick my lips and try to pry open my mouth. I will miss him sticking his curious nose inside my ear and sniffing around, and the way his whiskers tickled all over.

But I think Quibble will miss him most of all. I've had a few pairs of rats in my life and never before have I known two male ratties to get along so well. Absolutely no squabbles, no fights to settle dominance. They played, quite gently actually, but never fought. They snuggled together in their hammock and slept on top of each other, even throughout the hot summer. Neither of them were neutered. It was a remarkable relationship. I don't know how I'll ever be able to fill the hole Hadley left for Quibble, but I'm going to try and I'm gonna play with him as much as I can and let him perch on my shoulder as much as he wants whenever I'm home.

Goodnight, sweet Hadley. We love you more than we ever proved, and I am so sorry for that.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

DIY Miniature Heart Garland

With red floss...
Chain 4. 3 TR (triple/treble crochet) into first chain stitch. 3 DC (double crochet) into same stitch. Chain 1, TR into "center" (the first chain stitch from earlier), chain 1. Into "center", 3 DC followed by 3 TR. Chain 3. Slip stitch into "center" and fasten off yarn. Make several of these hearts.

With black floss...
Chain 13, then pick up a stitch near the top of one of your hearts. Slip stitch. Chain 13 stitches and continue to add on the rest of your hearts the same way.
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